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Picasso In The North


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NOSFA Honours Filmmakers David Brown awards - Sunday, April 20, 2014
NOSFA Honours Filmmakers David Brown awards

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---  April 20, 2014  -----  Three aspiring filmmakers from the gDavid Brown awardsraduating class of the Confederation College Film Production department took centre stage at the Conflix film night at SilverCity April 17th, receiving awards of distinction from the North of Superior Film Association.

Darren MacDonald received the first place award for his western horror film, “The Killer Is Me,” about two cowpokes searching for bewitched treasure.  The film is noteworthy for its cinematography and stylistic flourishes, reflecting a variety of cinematic genres, including allusions to the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood.

Deborah Blundell took second place honours for  "The Long Goodbye," a sensitive tale about a wandering man afflicted by Alzheimer's.  Aside from nuanced performances by the cast, the film is masterfully rendered in one take via Steadicam.

Jessica Corbett took the third place award for "Abducted," a suspense tale about a harried father battling a villain while searching for his daughter buried alive.  Inspired by the Ryan Reynolds' film, "Buried" (featured during NOSFA's 2013 film fest) the film skilfully stages the heroine's sense of confinement, featuring impressive cinematography and action sequences. Arts Lake Supeiror News 
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PD Railway Harstone Bridge - Friday, April 18, 2014
PD Railway Harstone Bridge

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  April 18, 2014   ---The PAD&W is an important piece of histoHartstone Bridge PD Railwayry and a key part of the industrial and cultural development of the area. To many this is just an old bridge, but in reality it represents a link to this past. As a history teacher I am keenly aware that physical remains such as this are infinitely more meaningful to people's understanding of the past than something such a photo. Being able to "touch" history is the best way to experience it.

The Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railway officially began operations in June of 1893 and the last passenger train rolled over the tracks of the Canadian National Railways-North Lake Subdivision (as it was called at the time) in March 1938. Outdoors Lake Superior News
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Aerial Surveys Show Declines in Northern Ontario - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Aerial Surveys Show Declines in Northern Ontario

THUNDER BAY ON -------   April 16, 2014 ---- To ensure moose populations remain healthy and resilient, Ontario is reducing adult moose tags across the province by about 18 per 2014 Moose Surveycent for 2014.

The reductions are in response to declining moose populations in northern Ontario, which were noted by provincial biologists during this winter's annual aerial surveys. The largest tag reductions will occur in areas with the largest declines.

Ontario has been working with key stakeholders and the hunting community to respond to these changes and plans to seek public input this summer on next steps.

For more information about the moose tags available in your area, see the 2014 Hunting Summary Regulations at Ontario's moose draw opens on April 22, 2014.

"While this is not encouraging news for moose hunters, it does present the opportunity to re-evaluate how we share in the management of the moose resource. We would like to work cooperatively with the Ministry of Natural Resources to investigate this trend and subsequently make changes to manage moose, with confidence that this declining trend can be turned around."  John Kaplanis, executive director, Northwestern Ontario Sportsmen’s Alliance Outdoors Lake Superior News
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CLE Home & Garden Show - Thursday, April 03, 2014

 CLE Home & Garden Show

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  April 3, 2014   ----  The Canadian Lakehead Exhibition & the Sports Dome are pr1964 Chevy Corvair Rampsideoud to present the 16th Annual Spring Home & Garden Show on the 1st weekend of April. This is your opportunity to come out and view this spring showcase of all that's new for you and your home and garden in 2014. Best of all is that you are able to access this showcase all in one location. Don't miss any of it. View a list of all our Exhibitors.

The 2014 Show will be housed in six buildings, all on the CLE grounds. The Coliseum, Heritage, Claydon, Scarnati, Sports Dome and The Dove (TB Country Market) venues are all part of the Show.

Come on out for this huge spring event. Visit all the buildings, do some shopping, get advice from our local experts, stop for lunch, take in a seminar or just escape the winter blahs.  Outdoors Lake Superior News >
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“It’s the Season” TBSO - Tuesday, April 01, 2014
“It’s the Season” TBSO 

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   April 1, 2014  ------  Thunder Bay’s Masterworks 5 TBSOpresented Vivaldi’s the “Four Seasons” featuring Concert Master Thomas Cosbey last Thursday. This is the second presentation this season of the well known baroque master. The same music was presented earlier in the season by Consortium Aurora Borealis. I arrived convinced that I had already heard a gold standard performance of this work in November with Jeremy Bell leading the musicians of Consortium Aurora Borealis.

After listening to the TBSO rendition of this work I had a few things to think about, the playing was phenomenal by soloist and orchestra alike. Clearly this was also an excellent performance as well, the problem in comparing the two groups is like comparing apples and oranges, they are both good, just not the same.

For one thing the orchestra is larger, while they reduced the strings to a single bass this allowed the harpsichord to be heard without amplification. The orchestra also played using modern bows and modern instruments and performance practice, the Consortium used baroque bows, and the much smaller orchestra stood playing in baroque performance practice as much as possible with modern instruments. The balance between the instruments is always different when baroque bows are used. For one thing the lower instruments of the ensemble come forth a bit and you can actually hear the violas.  Arts Lake Supeiror News 

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SHIFT support the investigation into Events Centre - Tuesday, April 01, 2014

 SHIFT support the investigation into Events Centre

THUNDER BY, ON  ----  April 1, 2014 -----  SHIFT, Thunder Bay’s Young Professionals Nathan Lawrence, President - SHIFT Thunder BayNetwork, continues to support the investigation into the feasibility of an Event Centre. For the project to be viable, SHIFT and its membership understand that there must be a net economic benefit to our local economy and a sound business plan must be created to demonstrate financial stability.  As the next generation of Thunder Bay, SHIFT understands the decisions made today will have a lasting effect on us in the future and thus we feel a comprehensive evaluation must be completed before a decision of such magnitude can be made. After polling our membership and analyzing the feedback, our stance is that SHIFT is encouraged by the process  the City of Thunder Bay has taken, but understand there is a great deal of due diligence required  before initiating construction.

Nathan Lawrence, President - SHIFT Thunder Bay 

Lake Superior News
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Experimental Lakes Area Agreement - Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Experimental Lakes Area Agreement 

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----- April 1, 2014 ----- The International Institute for Experimental Lakes OntarioSustainable Development (IISD), the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada signed three agreements to ensure the long-term operation of the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), a world-renowned freshwater science research facility in northwestern Ontario, Canada.

IISD-ELA becomes the operator of the facility. The transfer required separate deals between Ontario and IISD, between Canada and IISD, and a trilateral Canada-Ontario-IISD agreement to support an open data policy for scientific research. The three agreements involving IISD were preceded by two bilateral Canada-Ontario pacts.

ELA offers IISD an opportunity to strengthen its efforts to improve global freshwater management by directly applying world-class scientific research to create innovative policy solutions for regional and global water management. For over two decades, IISD has been working on water management issues in order to develop and strengthen the links between social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainable development, while ELA has been producing globally important scientific research on fresh water for over four decades.   Outdoors Lake Superior News 
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 Fire Danger Moderate  Lake Superior News

Fire Hazard- 

The weather forecast is for cold and clear across the region. The forest fire hazard is rising to moderate in the northwest and west sectors while the eastern sectors of the region remain in a low fire hazard.


 To report forest fires call 310-FIRE (3473)

Forest Fire Danger Map

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